The Armagh Area is a Great Place for Tourists to Visit

Armagh, click for larger map - allow some time to downloadI have travelled to many places throughout the course of my life. I have been to Hawaii and enjoyed the stunningly beautiful beaches and weather. I’ve gone to France and seen the Eifell Tower and the Louvre. I have taken the kids to both Disney World and Disney Land and hand an absolutely amazing time enjoying their delight. I’ve visited relatives throughout Europe and lived in Japan for a year. Out of all of the great places I have visited, the most wonderful to me personally was Armagh, Ireland. It isn’t as poplar or well-known as other destinations I’ve vacationed at, but it provided me with a wonderful and exhilarating experience that I will cherish and remember for the rest of my life, and I am definitely planning on going back. For anyone that has never seen the Armagh area of Ireland I strongly suggest that you check it out.

Armagh, located in Northern Ireland, has a long, unique and fascinating history. Navan Fort, or Eamhain Mhacha, was once used as a Pagan ceremonial ritual site. Read more


Making Our City Known to Others

Unpublished digitised map, 1:50,000 sh.19: Armagh 1990Armagh is an interesting city located in Ireland. While it has been classified as a city, most of us prefer to call it a town. This is because it is the fourth smallest town in all of the United Kingdom, so a lot of people are apt to dismiss it as non-essential. This is far from the truth, and thankfully those who have visited agree with us that Armagh offers a lot of everything to anyone who comes within the borders. There are quite a few things to do here, and it our intention to make sure that people continue to find out about Armagh and want to visit it.

A lot of visitors come because we are at the heart of the celebration in remembering the life and service of Saint Patrick. While this is enough to bring droves of people, there are so many other things that our wonderful town offers to both first time visitors, returning visitors, and the townsfolk as well. There are many historical landmarks depicting the architecture of times gone by. For those who prefer something more modern, we have many sporting events and cultural activities that will appeal to most people. Read more